Ein Mann, Ein Plan, Ein Kanal, Panama / A man, a plan, a canal, Panama

creado por Joelle Budzinsky |

This topic focused on the period before and during the construction of the Panama Canal and how this gave rise to U.S. Imperialism. Students were tasked with designing a project that told this story in a new and innovative way.

The example you see is from students: Gabriella Parra, Nicole Tovar, Isabella Bojanini and Santiago Cobo. Students chose to use the Panama hat as a symbol of rising U.S. power and Imperialism. They used personification by making the Panama hat a character who told his own biography. The hat tells this story in both English and German, showcasing students content and language mastery/skills.

Project-Based Learning is a classroom approach in which students actively explore real-world topics and challenges to acquire a deeper level of knowledge. Specifically, PBL requires that students not only learn content, but rather that they demonstrate this learning by creating, innovating and analyzing. In addition, students are required to develop soft skills like time management and to integrate technology.

Project-Based Learning is aligned with the demands placed on 21st century learners, professionals and leaders. Projects also allow for interdisciplinary collaboration, honoring the fact that knowledge does not develop in a vacuum but rather that it is all around us.

The German School of Barranquilla is proudly a Project-Based Learning school! 

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